Our Process

On this page we will walk you through the cleaning process so you can see what is involved. The intrusion into your home will be minimal, and your home and ducting system will not be damaged in any way. This truck is a giant vacuum.  Note the cleaning hose attached to the truck.  The other end is connected to the main duct line in your home.  The vacuum operates off the truck’s engine, so we don’t use your electricity.  The vacuum is outside and there is no chance of any dust getting loose or flying around inside your home.


We will insert our truck vacuum hose into this vent.  The main duct is behind it.


Note there are no access holes cut. We will now place the entire ducting system under negative pressure (vacuum).


We will clean under all register covers with our Porta-Vac brush.


We then flip the closed covers over, allowing the negative pressure to be concentrated on specific portions of the ducting.


Air pressure now sweeps the dust towards the main duct, where it is instantly sucked into our truck vacuum unit. This procedure is done to each register in every room, assuring a complete cleaning.


The inside of this duct is carpeted in dust. This is the stuff sneezes are made of, and the root cause of many allergy and asthma problems.


We often come across a variety of goodies left behind by construction crews.  We once found chicken bones in one duct, leftovers from someone’s lunch when the house was still under construction.


To make sure we keep your house as clean as possible, all of our cleaning personnel wear booties. They are the latest fashion in CLEAN!


This is our flex cleaning rod.  We have many ways to insure there isn’t a spot of dirt left on the inside of your ducts once we are done.



Lil’ Mike says, ” Dirty ducts affect little people too !! ”


” Clean ducts relieve my allergies ! ”


If you are still undecided – or just skeptical – as to whether you should have your ducts cleaned or not, take a look at these filters.  The blue one in the middle is a new, clean filter for comparison (you can even see through it).  Although you can change the filters in your home yourself, the dust and dirt lining the ducts still remains, and will quickly dirty the new filter.

You should have seen the look on the home owner’s faces when I showed them that these came out of their house.  You are breathing this stuff … why wait?  Give me a call today.  Need to know more?  Click on the FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQ’s) button at the top to learn more.

This is what the air ducts looked like before Ace Duct Cleaning did our process.

This is after Ace Duct Cleaning of Cherry Hill finished the job.


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